Good ol ubuntu-changing boot message resoultion

After these years of Suse experience I just decided to get back to the good ol ubuntu.

I installed dapper that I have been recommending to so many people.

I simply did not like the resolution of the boot messages. Looking at the boot messages

or doing a dmesg will reveal a lot.

But this new resolution just flew by where I could only see the least amount of info.

Fixed it by modifying /boot/grub/menu.lst

changes to make so that you would get a better resolution of the boot messages are

add a vga= xx to the place where menu.lst lists kopt= or kernel=

Where xx is the value in hex depending upon the resolution of your monitor

640×480 – 785
800×600 – 788
1024×768 – 791
1152×864 – 355
1280×1024 – 794
1600×1200 – 798

After this reboot to check out changes

At times a vga= normal would be ideal.

Other things to make ubuntu better during the boot process are

  • change the timeout before the default OS is loaded(dual boot)
  • change the bootsplash

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