Solutions in tamil proverbs

Was reading a bit and found an argument that goes:

“Fingunt simul creduntque” said by some called Tacitus.

As the book translates it:

“They promptly believe whatever they imagine”

In our tamil learnings we had

“kannal parpathum khadal keipaduthm poi ; theera visaripathey mei”.

Hold onto that thought while I attempt to translate this.

Eyes and ears deceive; in-depth analysis reveals truth.

Eyes and ears here could be the aid synonymous with the imagination that they are talking about above.

This looks like folks are giving us one possible solution to circumvent the first pitfall.

The text goes on to show us the detrimental effects of the confluence of images and thus the generated influence it holds on individual and collective perception thereof ; when unbridled with fact or reason.

So next time you see an ad for the most coveted product; be wary.


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