The Meg

There that took care of The Shark; wondering what would have happened if we add more paranormal activity and a time portal and bring in a few Armageddon scenarios to the mix. I’m gonna someday watch the Old Man and Sea and perhaps finding Dory too.  Good!

Here is an old picture of me when I’d last taken care of another big fish 🙂



Many woods

Many a woods I have walked, nothing serious or deep, though on such days as this the sprouting of the concrete still gives one the creeps of what is to come – one rests easy knowing that there will always be a small patch of Ents nearby where we live to rest our eyes a little from the incessant glow of the monitors.

Though the lovely little streams cut through the soft wellvety of the grass, is from careful examination on previous excursions, turn out to be a drain running away from the town; at a distant though in the setting sun, when after an day’s hard labor: wrestling with the numbers and the countless receipts of Gatorade and Cheerios or distant places where our some of our favorite western men were first doing in the sheriff and then getting the Marshall, the scene close at home lends it rustic charm to our weary eyes, the glint from the silvery stream and the turf with good horses and cows and on the right a group of the woolly sheep graze, turning a little we see the fine path leading up to the graves and then the horizon of trees; now though the blinding light from the evening gives me a little warmth for my eyes, now not blind from having recovered with the dose of the cool light.

The round leaves of the distant trees shimmer in blotches of greens and the branches glow a mild pearly white in places as the rays bounce off them, there is more to this place.

On sunny days one almost remembers the open fields which had long ago had been terraced or perhaps naturally contoured as such with the clear relief of a gently sloping, clouds puffing up from behind them and the clump of trees on the one side a good woods for one to behold and perhaps better for the rare few on the other side who live there, mighty birds had soared there, I remembers,  good birds of the old kind who with their rare visits to our view had brought a sense of depth to our adventurous minds, many a exciting emotions within us to see the brown creatures at the distant, and the horses, exciting creature at our eye level at the distant grazing about too, those days of a different kind of fun, reality of a different kind, now other kids in various good spaces live them.

Thinking if I should watch the new shark movie or go back in search of the woods.

One of my recent paintings on a cold day




How to disappear in real life?

Wake up early and leave the village…before the noise.

I miss traveling through the national park, having many a times started from home at dawn when the trees are still sleeping and haven’t yet begun to melt into their colors, the misty moors and the placid lakes all welcome us into the new adventure or perhaps beckoning us to stay; the terrifying ranges gives one the courage to brave the separation and leave fear plummeting ahead of us, after your mind has done its best to keep itself intact and fortified one descends into a relief, but only just so, the temperance is yet to follow and that will go on for a while until


the change in the temperature and the dizziness of the early travel and the sudden waking up of oneself into a different territory gives one a new life, it is like leaving a part of you behind and venturing on…  to conquer what was once lost, to get sucked into whatever the work calls unto us, only to much later retreat away from all vanity, feeling much older and not recognizing many; for it changes us – the travel and the territory, many a little battles with oneself and the world towards what end one can scarcely recollect.

Many a stories and much more glory (sigh), sights and sounds and absolute despair at times linger in many fragments. People feature mostly, almost characters out of a dream, very much real yet how unreal, singularly unread epics in themselves; countless lives they would have known…


I’ve seen beautiful animals strutting along in the sun not unlike the ones below, being very much a part of the landscape, being so much from within the natural scene;
unlike us:  a little on the man-made side and from the without.


Where do we start??





How I had defended my freedom

By writing down my thoughts and later setting them free I had achieved some form of this and by being constant at work and occasionally going to Hogwarts.

Haven’t killed many Orcs as I would have liked to, but Voldemort sure has got his share of pain from our fight.


Among the many things which I have to say this will suffice for now for the weather is a little cold and the mayhem is about to start and we shall witness how greed plays with their minds.

Meanwhile, have fun and let us handle the necessary hard work and frugality which has proven to be of a solid sustainer of hopes and dreams.



In a way they all robbed us of our many opportunities and took away our freedom to become and stay better with their one-sided ideologies.   The oppression is high;.

Stupid persons!

Country life and contentment

Been reading The Adventures In Contentment by David Grayson for sometime now and found it to be a long and fascinating read.

Having moved out the city and now living in the ever-evolving cityscape of our town; midst the many fields with birds and trees, it was quite a thrill to hear a narration about the virtues of the simple life and hard work in the fields.

The country life and it’s many good things.


I for one have very little experience in a farm, having just once been introduced to it in the form of a tractor in the real and rest by way of observation and excited learning from sources and generally being an ordinary creature under the sun.


It is remarkable looking back at the years of working with software and such and the limited impact of it on the many aspects of what is proudly considered the real life.

Had it not been for the abundant love and fascination for the former one would be tempted to endeavor ever more seriously in this mode of life, which is certainly, as it says in the book, more physical and spiritual and an escape from the fabric of deception which is called modern life….

Let me know how you like it too.



Strange people

Strange people

“Persistence and determination”

I could add grit to the mix and there we are able to get all this work done these many years 🙂




Why, we can delight in leaf for a few years!gecko.png

The many good snaps are mine in the blog are mine; you delight in them too. This seems to an year old from the timestamp.   I captured this delightful creature as I was walking the misty woods on a wet day, this little creature suddenly stirred in the plant with a good rare medicinal plant. I had just then admired how strangely deep the sky as with painted strokes of the leafless trees reminded me strangely of the Japanese, if I had known any Kanji I could have read a story in those strokes.   It was simple, brave and resolute in its mystery; grand themes to contemplate and imbibe.

Good Day!!