I spent the day watching monkeys and distant mountain ranges.

Village scenes and more

Many battles later..

I’m still working hard with MTurk have gotten used to this kind of work.  Have to defend my working from home habits to everyone, they with their sly smile conveying that I’m less of a deal for having to work from home, while the rest of the working population works from and “office”.

One of my recent battle was in the plains.  Got to know a good couple of villages there, we had been there helping setup tiny shops; anticipating the festivals.   It was a deeply enlivening process to hear ravenous dogs at night fighting for their territory.    Sleep took over me and I ignored them, too tired to worry about an arm getting bitten off, and they did ignore me but the mosquitoes didn’t.

We woke up early the next day, under the ancient hut, it was quite something to bear it all meditatively and carry on with what the situation demanded.   It was a good summer among the paddy fields and ancient temples.

The hard work earned me moonlit nights in the open and later under mosquito nets.

It was good to meet all the people and little kids, a drama.




Only stupid people kill trees

With a lot of this going on one can’t help but remember the good sounds the many trees made in the past.   Listening to them at night was good.

This was before we had known about the Ents from LOTR.

It is rare now.

Listening rainforest sounds makes one feel good!




Strange times

Strange times.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Got back on facebook; a great feeling to read the many stories of the friends there, I had been away for a year on that platform.

I had missed much of what happened last year there. It really is different and I’m pleased to have accumulated a wealth of my writings and photos there too and a break from the clutter and the unfolding narrative of my writing there was something that enabled me to focus on writing on this platform.

I have had sleepless nights and the struggle to establish a sense of sanity.

Meditating at odd times and channeling my energy to the core helped me to function better.

There does remain odd bits of the headache at times and I’m getting used to the noise and the life in the hills once more.

It has been years since I had settled in one particular place sans the travel between the cities and it is fascinating to bring in the expertise from the city life to this, now evolving city of our town.

The terrain is different and my cycling is appropriately adjusted and it is hard work and yet the landscape and the beauty of the hills is rewarding.

I had to run and chase away the troubles that had preoccupied my mind and the sense of calm does surface as I find ways to shut out the problems that the various people manufacture in their scheme of things by being more aware of the aspects of their reality.

It really was a whirlwind of a journey and I’m sure with a few of the thoughts of the Zen and other learnings one could perhaps, in a way tackle the problems that they unwittingly force on themselves and the world, and the situation is gradually improving my mental stamina to defend myself against attacks.

It really needs are combination of thinking processes to help tackle the troubles of the modern world and I’m faring much better now after having found the rhythm of life here on these hills.


I have been away, on and off, for several years and there lingers the possibility of feeling an outsider and yet I go on without any problems for the most part, for I have lived here longer than I have lived in any other place and those were simpler and different time, and there remains in the vastness, such simple places where time stands still, I constantly search and discover the wonderful places.

I have read something new and have discovered some new chapters, there really is so much to be fascinated with.

It was raining, it was cold, it was brightly sunny and hot too and the months have passed in a flurry of changing light and colour.

Happy Valentine’s day!!

Good Nite

Happy Republic Day!!

We were celebrating the Republic Day here in Ooty, quite extraordinary.

I’ve been to many such celebrations in Bangalore, glad to be in my hometown for this.

Happy Republic Day!!

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one of the town

Daisy little

It has been a tricky day; hard to focus on and the weather is inviting to be out there; the sunny days and the chill breeze.

The walk up the hill and back gave me more energy to find the things to do, there weren’t many people out there this day, empty spaces like the town is sleeping during the day.

Last night I had produced a great piece of work and after a few pages of drivel the attack on the situation and the record of the events that came as a surprise and a change in the hope for the future, a pleasant recollection of the moments that weighed heavy as I wrote them down.

My steps up there were hurried and left me wondering more about things and a little bit of music came back to me as I settled down to work again.

The changes in the quality of the work was greater as I had looked at the printing of the words and thought of the real pieces of words that enough to hold true and a call to the magic of the moments.

When you become a lover of what is, the war is over. — Byron Katie