on discoveries and keeping them safe

On giving the best which we have in us to the right people and holding back because of the many who have wronged us.

The discoveries are wasted in my mind and yet I have to give it to the worthy, thinking if this is how the wider world wastes people. For long the thoughts of not having brought it to light was troubling us, and now to protect the what we have discovered from falling into the wrong hands is what stops us from even producing them in the first place.

Let them go venture out, sacrifice and discover. We will send it to the worthy!



are we wasting time with these old institutionalized religions?

This morning, as is my habit I was out there, cycling a few kilometers into the town, near the market where the few ancient temples are present, I have always been a great fan of the spires of the churches all my life, attribute it to the great hymns which we sang and the vistas of ours surroundings all pointing towards a different religion than the one in which we were born..

The stories of the mythology and the ancient customs and the lifestyle of the people in the plains and the many discoveries and visions of related thoughts that stem from the intense meditations at times (ahem) in line with the quest of our journey, though daunted perhaps at times because of the confluence of influences. It is staggering and not without us seeing parallels.

We having been in Christian schools and the learnings stemming from that faith is of a different order, all nurtures us to follow certain thought processes, thanks to the many wonderful magnificence of the discovery with which we can compartmentalise, if not isolate the lines between these various religions like they do in various places and landscape, the kingdom of the heaven and the heart all confuse one at times like one JW who had cornered me one early morning as I was returning home from a journey.

And yet the reality of all this is that, as the customs and the buildings itselfs stands to provide us with the glimpse of the mindset of the ye olde who had built them, my recent readings had unravelled the mysterious places, the awe one feels is in part the feeling of a closeness with the elements that the places bring together.

I have had the opportunity to be a part of the various rituals in many temples in a few states and have greatly appreciated the candour with which the priests refuse monetary contributions. This morning though it was something of a blackmail from one of the priest here. They probably need to see some cash, as offerings in line with their ego. It made my day thinking of all all the wasteful efforts of the millions who try and make these places richer and the great amount of life spend in building all this, only to be cut out of their own places of worship for not having money in the end. The mystical aspects of this is a different story, from the personal experience.

From my vantage, the posturing looks vain.
And yet, one sometimes feels harassed when one knows of the true purpose of these temples and sanctuaries.

I had recently heard about the great inspiration some of the Zen temples had provided to some creative people. The natural places gives one a tremendous satisfaction to orient oneself at times of need. And I have had the pleasure of being up in the hills of the cavernous and bare temples, majestically located where the sparseness of living presents one with the glimpse of the divine and a discovery of newness.

The contrast with that is abysmal, here. Should we set up a new temple?




The rocky rocks are looking good with the yellow flowers

One focused meow


It got up there after a tumble in the greens down below

Man and His Symbols

Man and His Symbols

This was a very deep book which I had read recently and there were a lot of amazing things that this book teaches one, primarily the realization that there is much more happening in our brain and in our minds at a deeper level.

And this was a fascinating read to know more about oneself too.  Have always guessed at the malleability of the mind and the channeling our thoughts and translate them into actions.

Subjectively, this offered me a glimpse of the world view which we know to a certain degree from how the Dark Lord has penetrated many a minds in his time and left it unhinged.

This is certainly true in this age with many of the followers of his habits who attempt at every instant to become Dementors in the modern village.

Having motivated myself through difficult circumstances and ever increasing noise in the little place in the city and the troubles of various kinds from the environment,

I’m accustomed to the strains of building resistance to these influences, subtle or deliberate, one of the modes of exchange in the dialogue to achieve equilibrium was the use of good coffee which I brewed every morning.

Another was BB projectiles and breaking things, mostly those which shatter.

Update: December, it seems, I had written the preceding draft July 2018.

I had assimilated much of the information from this book and have understood with much hard work the thought processes of the ancient constructions in India, during this exploration we had travelled up the hills, spent time in the grasslands watching the birds and their flight and the many subtle discoveries that comes to our minds.

I’ll be following up on the other writings by Jung and will explore this area in depth, though the facts of the minds are presented in some fashion, it was with the exploration of our recollection of our dreams from childhood and some long forgotten ones in the recent the past that I was able to gain a great amount of insights into the nature of dreams and the possibilities of the discovery of natural laws there that can then be applied down other sections of learning and I was able to exercise some of the new information and perform … thought categorization and compartmentalization and segregation and the opposite of them which leads to the discovery of the larger spheres of existence, lonely zones at such times where the environment is prone to attack one;  pausing here occasionally for preserving memories, for if one explores beyond this the dissolution of one’s niche-level living memories and associated behavioral traits will make one too vehement and might even hamper adaptability in other systems.

Check it out!

Using the noise and the pain to create

Using the noise and the pain to create.   The low noise zones do exist and one won’t reveal where it is.

The increase in the noise pollution is guaranteed to reduce one’s lifespan and yet being in a situation one is determined to finish one’s life’s work before one has to move on to the next verse.

Old people are lucky in this way that they don’t hear much of the noise in the environment.

Watching the stars of the sky

Today is a calm day, the sun is out after a cloudy day yesterday or the yesterday which I remember.

The night sky was filled with the many stars last night, some of whom I recognise, from my journeys in the past and the many dear memories of attachment which we have built over the years with the sky.

On one occasion they had met me in their full glory, framed by the tall trees, the fluid scene was spectacular, recollecting later I would be recalling the scene as heavenly.

I had suddenly woken up, realizing that the bracing up of ourselves in the vehicle was now in vain for we weren’t moving

There had been some sort of freakiness out there, down the road in the ghat section, out of our reverie we had found the magnetism of the scene above to be too inviting and yet to remain where we were and not find out what was happening up ahead was, at that time, too unlike us.   The gritty story unfolds in many shattering fragments but we simply finish by having set right a vehicle on its sides.

Years earlier the same set of stars had many stories to say and the mysteries worth a full MIB movie and a few starstuff documentaries and many more oriental thinking and knowledge, very much within our reach and much cherished.

Gentle trees and a soft evening

A white bird had welcomed me among the trees, now bathed in the afternoon sun the grassy slope was a glowing patch of green. The swaying trees are very old;

There was noise, the many visiting people bring it with them and a headache which I had to work-on to negate and unravel.

The sight of the melting mountains helped, there were odd moments of silence when we could hear the ever calling birds of this wood, a few of them sounded familiar.

Discovered sudden tints of red among the green over the blue. The brown dominated the vision ahead, the yellow too.

Flipped through and found the stories of the Kwikspells and then properly catching up with Uncle Vernon and his deals, discovered Dobby’s warnings to Harry, advising him not to go back to Hogwarts.

The white moon soon became visible, the sky took on the twilight hues of pink and blue.

It was a cold evening.
A good day of reading.