A good day and an evening too

All in the mind: the mountains were treacherous looking, as the evening grew darker the birds were calling out to perhaps hurry with my passage that dealt with valleys, in the growing darkness there came across the gushing stream the snort of a familiar pig animal, the ones who were happily roaming about in sunny days past here,

I have seen them in various places adding a touch of their wild humor to the landscape of buttresses and cypresses old in our splendid little (slightly) crazy town.

Quite fascinated they were with the wind-carried carry bag the other day, singular though today  this brown animal: I had sensed before we locked eyes in the growing dark, stunned for a second it stood there motionless, waiting to see if I was something alive and what I was; this strange phenomenon on this side of the stream, which I suspect, he usually comes away to his home at this hour.    Ye poor creature darted with away in a hurry as I confirmed his presence with a look of familiar recognition, I have scared this same animal more than once and it never gets old: the stunned behavior of this creature.

I wonder where the rest of them are playing these days.


Flowers in the garden



Happy new year!





Sunset and tiny creatures

Big birds were flying back home for the evening.


Found another lake with my bicycle

Found my way to see another lake in the north.

Not a big deal for many and they might not see any value in venturing out this way. I, me and my bicycle had a fun run. One false jack, two hearts and one possible diamond and a beauty of the lake.

I started from the star at lower right.


Too many movies

Fire bad customers. Fire bad organizations. People from diverse places who congregate have ficked themselves up with stupid world views from watching too many movies; expecting pieces in real life to fall into a cookie cut mold.

It very often gets real here.
People are capable of such extremism that it redefines its very definition.

Don’t be fucking naive.

Let in the light

Let the light in;
the fences matter but a little.



Drake’s fortune

Classic. Just got around to playing this game.