Jurrasic world. My review

The recent dinosaur movie was fun to watch. I liked the design of their operations center. Dinosaurs were okay.

Good start for the resurrection of the Jurassic age. They need to work harder to capture the collective imagination once more like the original Jurassic movies did.

The makers of this movie need to go back to the stories of the lost world and really read them to understand what the entire world was all about. There was a considerable amount of borrowed themes in this recent movie that worked well for them. The influence of such themes rendered a different character to the whole experience. Not bad entirely. But the feel of the dinosaurs was forced.

The technology was basic, they need to improve on the casting front too.

Rudimentary story-line aside, the cry-save-survive formula has been overused.




Work in progress.

Data plan critical and other stories

Wander-gathering when even your data plan is critical.
Photos taken over a course of more than a year.






Another one of old maps

Just like a crusader map.
I live somewhere in the SE-side of the fort.




Do you know about some special thing; spectacular, mind boggling or even insanely dumb and unique?
Here is an idea: keep it quiet.

The sky-people are on the prowl for unobtainium.


Movies and ads

Was watching this movie in a theatre:

There was a lot of shouting in the drama.

There were many ads.
I enjoyed watching the ads.

The movie was like the inevitable noise that one sometimes hears in a busy bus stop where a just arrived family is trying their best not to kill each other.

It got too real in the second half. There was… Nevermind!

That is where I left the auditorium.

The movie was named: This is where I leave you.

What fun!


Organic growth and manure.

A lot talk about organic growth these days.


Old Illustration of KG’s fort, found in an exhibit

This caught my attention among others.
Reminded me of the Stronghold Crusader map.



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