India at 60 – Are we satisfied?

Independent India, 60 years of freedom, the first thing that flashes in my mind today is our preamble.

If I remember my textbooks correctly. We resolved to give the people of our country Justice, Liberty, Equality and to promote Fraternity.

To a certain degree all of this is being fulfilled and I am positive that our country is capable of great things. The ensuing change in the global outlook towards India is having some positive effect on people from all walks of life.

However the large capable talent pool in existence today is migratory for reasons so blatant and unspeakable.

And on the other hand the kids at school have their analytical-creative-intellectual wings torn apart by the volumes of tiresome lessons. Almost all suffer the dreadful by rote style of learning which is ever so popularized by the competition and encouraged by parents; all in vain for their curiosity is killed and thus they cannot think on their own later in life.

The whole meaning of learning is diluted and more than that adulterated or literally corrupted.

We are training students whose knowledge is encyclopedic who are simply put: incapable of speaking out their own ideas.

Though the growth rate may be 9.0 the question that we have to ask ourself is: are we contributing to the system that has immense potential to grow for all?

Adherence to standards in physical, social and mental is only a myth among our people and the improvement in all these aspects is not even a dream.

Standards in the form of mental discipline, proper social conduct, feeling of fraternity and conscious living will have to be followed by all.

A radical change in the attitude of all must take place. The future generation must be taken into consideration when the natural resources are plundered.

Giving back to the country that has so gracefully survived the multitude of years in all forms of diversity must be our top priority.

Let us adapt the inevitable system to fit our basic needs without compromising on our social and cultural high values that are so effectively ingrained in our society.

Compromising our efficiency is more than a sin.


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