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A good day and an evening too

All in the mind: the mountains were treacherous looking, as the evening grew darker the birds were calling out to perhaps hurry with my passage that dealt with valleys, in the growing darkness there came across the gushing stream the snort of a familiar pig animal, the ones who were happily roaming about in sunny days past here,

I have seen them in various places adding a touch of their wild humor to the landscape of buttresses and cypresses old in our splendid little (slightly) crazy town.

Quite fascinated they were with the wind-carried carry bag the other day, singular though today  this brown animal: I had sensed before we locked eyes in the growing dark, stunned for a second it stood there motionless, waiting to see if I was something alive and what I was; this strange phenomenon on this side of the stream, which I suspect, he usually comes away to his home at this hour.    Ye poor creature darted with away in a hurry as I confirmed his presence with a look of familiar recognition, I have scared this same animal more than once and it never gets old: the stunned behavior of this creature.

I wonder where the rest of them are playing these days.



Happy new year!

Drake’s fortune

Classic. Just got around to playing this game.




Work in progress.

Street. Noise

The sound bites one hears in a market place often carry a great deal of value. I’ve heard a few life lessons thrown around casually. The most common one were about survival. They warn people of the hazards they might face in real life.

The adaptive language that people use emphasizes pertinency. The survival theme runs far and wide. Everybody talks about it. One observes what’s being conveyed.
One gets the feeling that the concerns of daily life in many people’s lives center around the right to live.
Taking measures to simply survive.

The question of evolving into a greater civilization is thus pushed to the background for supposedly better folks to talk about and seemingly irrelevant falling under the terms of: It simply is not our problem.

Great systems are composed of smaller entities in general cases. If intelligence is something that one learns: our minds are shaped by the learnings passed on to us be it from the streets or in great halls.


When the originals take up!

Sometimes one tries to do something and fails at it miserably.

Seeing this another comes up and says for example you type like a child or drum silly beats;
and quickly brings up his courage and shows us how it should be done well.

It is a happy feeling to sometimes see anyone level up.
I believe us being sucky at certain things inspires many originals to reveal themselves.


I have caught myself having a rare free moment,

Took a lot of courage to get the ticket.
There were a couple of people at the counter trying to trade in the tickets they had earlier bought.

They had chickened out…

Gonna watch a scary movie!!

Going bankrupt. My story with the card.

Dejavu of this day. Learnings stood by me. Memories served me.

Life, Comp & Tux

With cash you inevitably  have a sense of overspending.
But with the card(have one from my account from the college branch) you decide to check your balance one day and the ATM prints out 2.36;  it leaves you wondering whether you got robbed?

Stuck in a different state your mobile balance reads 0.40, you have got just enough cash to get back home, promises of job offers are only promises.
You are scared to make a commitment to some company fearing guilt when you have to leave them for a promised better offer.  You borrow your friend’s system to check mail and write some code.

You haven’t had a haircut for months(nightmares of the last haircut haunts you)

You are scared to go back home fearing failure. You have friends who’ll help you out but not indefinitely. You reckon all is lost but faith takes a higher ground and a…

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Sometimes there just are too many interruptions.

Sometimes there are just too many interruptions.

Good ideas get lost. The threads that our minds followed are abruptly interrupted. Collated memories vanish like wisp of smoke by a sudden breeze.

Writing suffers. Sometime one has to sacrifice these fleeting thoughts to listen to people.

That is the willing price one has to pay for being in touch without our own minds, for one cannot stop the barrage of thoughts that flow from ones mind without considerable loss of creativity.

Solitude may prove to be too debilitating.