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Organic growth and manure.

A lot talk about organic growth these days.


The other creatures

There exists a symbiotic relationship between us and the machines we interact with. The makers of the machine speak the esoteric language of the creators.

The abstraction of distilled physical laws applied to a problem domain.

It’s rare to delve into such creations and come out unscathed.

Some stay there as they are enamored with what it has to offer.

It becomes second nature to detect events that are out of the ordinary with the machine.

Anything alien in it attracts attention and with it follows a sense of fear and curiosity.

When there is a chance encounter between creatures of these different machines – chaos reigns.

Add to this the complexity of an even stranger machine in which this encounter happens and we’ll have a grand recipe.

Excursion: in some spheres

Explaining roles in technology is generally hard.

Made several mistakes of not providing my folks with data about the niche we occupy in the eco-system spawned by internet and the technology.

We’re forever evolving socially.

The beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and thus is where the question of general conformity in what Emerson would define in his essay-Manners; arises.

Compound this fact with the expectations of the social nature and the relatively-decided measures of personal success; we have a disdain for the very nature of search.

Prevailing economic circumstances aside, the need to assert ourselves to tackle the problems of an overly influenced society and their collective mutual inducements: leaves just enough bandwidth to gather a few pieces of code for the day.

When faced with the market-data used to match our role-continuity with potential employers,
one faces the issue of their own success quotient in the social sphere for no other purpose
than acceptance within this sphere;
which at this point strangely remains an unseen familial undercurrent during information exchange with folks back home.

In order to pre-empt future disparities in personal value, it seems, one has to consider these environmental factors too as being decisive in creating a truly successful acceptance over time regardless of the expertise curve that one goes through their respective professions.

Granted, we are on a different timeline and from the mainstream in terms of ideas and world views (not necessarily ahead or back in time)

Being technologists of


bearing and understanding.

The matter of acceptance may be of a trivial complexity when compared with the many problems that one is trained to solve.

These techniques that has served the people in the past needs to be widely made accessible without turning oneself into the fictitious Barney.

Yes, I know the significance of
“Esse quam videri”.

Thing is: it is not working in my current state of transition in career.

Computational analysis… Interesting.

Came across this:!

It is interesting to notice Gotschall seems to have hit a spot that Advancement reasons to deliver us from where it propounds: the freedom from indignity and its relationship with people’s consent in the allowing;
when he talks about the lack of cultural
prestige in his field.

If the continent could be greater than the content” surely computational advances should deliver us from the pitfalls of drowning in vain data.

Aided analysis might put some people off; who prefer to let their minds grow with and by reason.
And not sacrifice this critical process in the process of seeking the objective truth computationally; about which in Of Truth (read recently), he says: is the sovereign good of human nature.

But who knows, The Matrix level of learnability could be possible if we could get straight to the rewiring of our minds with the artifacts of computational textual analysis. *chuckles*

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Leanings towards metacognition


Looks like the he was boggled with big data too :-))


Brave endeavors

Exploring the nature of the strange network.

There are various nodes in the network, each node is active at particular times, the frequency and duration of its active time unpredictable (assume).

Nodes emits messages in response to other messages of query from other nodes in a network or send emit queries.

Inter node message exchange happens at varying points in time.

The message reaches other nodes at unpredictable rates.

Every query does not elicit a response from the network.

If there is a conditional branching waiting for input from the response to the broadcast query message.

How do we understand the nature of the branch decision ?

What influences does the responses or non response from another nodes in the network have on the branching?

Where should I start to know about these things??

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Twitter and the potential for change.

Was recently following the unfolding the events of the cyclone in India on twitter.

What started a fun experience reading tweets quickly became a near obsession.

There were the same sorta deluge of information the one witnessed on news channels.

The chair gripping moments: seeing the reporters in the field, wild winds thrashing, ripping trees and whatnot.

Then the realization sinked in: people on twitter and the mania on TV were powerfully orchestrated. Feelings in a millions souls were stirred by the scenes and prompted the overwhelming response.

The collective breath of exasperation when things subsided was reflected in the stream. Late was the hour when things went cool.

Real people were putting themselves in the frontline to save others.

Politically motivated rescue efforts or a humanitarian cause: the differences blurred. Spurred on by the heat of the moment I questioned objectivity.

All these media streams had a power like none other. To evoke change to make others feel connected; far away though they maybe.

The inner warrior inside is warned of the dangers of these streams.

How vulnerable are the minds of people during a crisis. Show them the data, visuals and combine them with a powerful narration and you can make history.

A lessons in journalistic objectivity and the ethics that govern them are a thing of beauty….



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What is the critical piece of data that is needed to validate??

Date – n

hey, look what I found in the game last of us.

Intelligent code. I imagine the game will be fresh even when played months from now. All hopefully because of a piece of code that reads your system date to show up the data there.