Morning scenery

Still reeling from the early morning walk from last week, the very spirit of the place was astounding, the long walk took me through the ancient landscape, still wet from the dew from the night before and through structures of the modern era and through the wilderness of the new forests of modern making.
Have always found the morning light fascinating, much of this could be lost with the concrete obsession.
On other occasions I had to walk many miles to find the pristine solace of the wilderness. Quite happy to have found a good route.
Being a modest morning person the contrast with the evening light was again sublime, with majestic birds resting atop the trees in the evening glow of pink and amber. The night was again quite a thrill looking in to the clusters around Orion’s belt. A desolate place changes into a glorious starscape.
One wonders what those wild bunnies and rare foxes are upto in the bushes.

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