Village scenes and more

Many battles later..

I’m still working hard with MTurk have gotten used to this kind of work.  Have to defend my working from home habits to everyone, they with their sly smile conveying that I’m less of a deal for having to work from home, while the rest of the working population works from and “office”.

One of my recent battle was in the plains.  Got to know a good couple of villages there, we had been there helping setup tiny shops; anticipating the festivals.   It was a deeply enlivening process to hear ravenous dogs at night fighting for their territory.    Sleep took over me and I ignored them, too tired to worry about an arm getting bitten off, and they did ignore me but the mosquitoes didn’t.

We woke up early the next day, under the ancient hut, it was quite something to bear it all meditatively and carry on with what the situation demanded.   It was a good summer among the paddy fields and ancient temples.

The hard work earned me moonlit nights in the open and later under mosquito nets.

It was good to meet all the people and little kids, a drama.




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