Is it legal to grow weed in Tamil Nadu?

Among the many things that has been bothering me is having heard of the detrimental effects of Marijuana on a person’s mind; in the reports, as I recall, reading in the newspapers about the incident involving the killing of many beggars and vagabonds  in Chennai, late at night, a few years ago, by the “psycho-killers” who had after being apprehended had admitted that they used to smoke weed and get high and go on a killing spree, they saw the victims as being useless to society, this caused a considerable amount of panic.

Reading this report had left a lasting impression on my mind, as these are matters involving the mind, the individual’s temperament to violence, the mob mentality and society as a whole, the anti-social behavior which has evidently emerged from the use of this plant that had lead to loss of lives, and to treat this particular plant: those who grow it, distribute it and perhaps use it with extreme caution.

I have written elsewhere of having seen persons become deranged under the influence of this and alcohol and quite violent, if not deadly.

Having recently realized the growing trend of the rich and the powerful persons in their dominance and suppression of people’s voice and their affinity to dangerous activities under the safety of money and the assumption of people keeping quiet of atrocities for fear of reprisal, it has become more than a good theme for me to write about today,  I had met a person this day, who I was at school with and he along with another person had planted a Ganja seed at their home and which has now been growing rapidly and is full blown flowering plant, and as has been their character they see nothing wrong with this activity.  Inconsiderate hegemony.

Holding,  growing and supplying to hapless victim(in this case the victim being the seed supplier)

And lately, I had also witnessed many school children rolling splendid joints in the vicinity of my walking route.

Recent reports from the UK reveals, that law makers there have got some traction in making these drugs available to the needy children who suffer from mental disorders or pain of some sort.

All this got me thinking about how to approach this problem, as this is going to be a persistent problem, warning people not to get into this, as it could perhaps lead to psychosis, is a sublime strategy, but seeing people freely indulge in such nefarious activities, flouting the law perhaps had gotten me more worried of what is to come.

I’m seeking other real strategies to resist the many aspects of this and where we could get clarity on the current status of this plant and its legal cultivation status and if there could a possibility and consensus in the future to provide them with the mid-day meals at schools too.

“Your Worst Enemy Could Be Your Best Friend & Your Best Friend Your Worst Enemy”
Bob Marley

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