Happy huntin’

It is time to take stock of things in these confused times.

When everything revolves around weakness and fear there is nothing else to do except take stock of actions past and present.

Try, if you could see beyond the fog of war. Lessons are waiting for you to learn and perhaps more importantly to realize.

Affect change lest you regret.
Driven by the human tendencies and the knowledge of it: countless are besieged with false hopes.

Know your worth, the ideas that shaped you have relevance. You trust them and stay the course.
Make yourself more than what you are led to believe.

Break those links that bind you in your complacency. Take pride in your actions.

Forget yourself once in a while and re-invent. Chances are there are better selves in you that make up you.
In all probability, they are all you.

It gets better to know and find you can’t lose any of these without your consent.

Try to stay in the light which is just right for you.
Wear shades when you wanna take it up a notch.

Keep those shades clear.
And carry binoculars.


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