Going bankrupt. My story with the card.

Dejavu of this day. Learnings stood by me. Memories served me.

Life, Comp & Tux

With cash you inevitably  have a sense of overspending.
But with the card(have one from my account from the college branch) you decide to check your balance one day and the ATM prints out 2.36;  it leaves you wondering whether you got robbed?

Stuck in a different state your mobile balance reads 0.40, you have got just enough cash to get back home, promises of job offers are only promises.
You are scared to make a commitment to some company fearing guilt when you have to leave them for a promised better offer.  You borrow your friend’s system to check mail and write some code.

You haven’t had a haircut for months(nightmares of the last haircut haunts you)

You are scared to go back home fearing failure. You have friends who’ll help you out but not indefinitely. You reckon all is lost but faith takes a higher ground and a…

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