Computational analysis… Interesting.

Came across this:!

It is interesting to notice Gotschall seems to have hit a spot that Advancement reasons to deliver us from where it propounds: the freedom from indignity and its relationship with people’s consent in the allowing;
when he talks about the lack of cultural
prestige in his field.

If the continent could be greater than the content” surely computational advances should deliver us from the pitfalls of drowning in vain data.

Aided analysis might put some people off; who prefer to let their minds grow with and by reason.
And not sacrifice this critical process in the process of seeking the objective truth computationally; about which in Of Truth (read recently), he says: is the sovereign good of human nature.

But who knows, The Matrix level of learnability could be possible if we could get straight to the rewiring of our minds with the artifacts of computational textual analysis. *chuckles*

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