Majestic early mornings

Majestic bus terminal; is a sight to see early mornings.

The bustle of the town just starting…

Look at those fresh newspapers, the restaurants with their welcoming food and the chills of the past-night vanishing in the warmth inside the restaurants.

The menu is exhaustive and yet there are few choices that are the real sellers.

Coffee is a given.


I once waited here on one of these platforms, on a stone bench facing the red buses and the early morning crowd of office workers- hurrying.

I was seeking a job here then and knew little of the city, perhaps almost nothing except the terminus I was in. Asking people, looking up route boards and clearly looking, lost.

I explored the just filling terminus and waited for my bus or my friend to pick me up. Looking around seeing what’s this bustle all about…


Here again I was, at what I believe to be the same stone bench.

Looking at the red buses and the rushing people eager to reach some place.

Some people who were clearly new to the city looking lost and looking up the routes…

Exploring the terminus. Maybe find their bus or wait for their friends or family….

The bustle beings gradually and reaches a hectic fury as the day becomes warmer…

Changing times, places, people and fortunes.

But did anything really change for me?

This time around, I managed to guide a few lost people.



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