Sadhu sang…

I recall being taught a verse by a poet someone whose identity I have to research.

He being a poet philosopher of some kind had chosen the language that is easily understood by the common folk of his generation.

The importance of this literature merited its inclusion in out hindi coursework at school.

Our old hindi master taught us this verse written in a lyrical form that is easy to memorize and conducive for retention.

It goes”Sadhu sang hari bhagati bin kachi na avai hath”.

Roughly translated it says “one does not receive anything sans in-company of sadhus and devotion to the concept of hari”

The veracity of this statement in my mind stems from the cursory readings of Job and Solomon.

I leave it to the reader’ imagination what hari and sadhus mean.

For when zen teachings are filled in books titled “Buddha in blue jeans” it brings to mind the evolution of these terms and changes it so much from the idolized image(in the indian context) of sadhus wearing saffron and others colors; other colors: to signify the prevalent historic teachers of all religion in a multi-cultural India.

Some like Petra of Jekyl & Hyde raise this bar in their rock fatigues.

I’m sure there’ll be many others across time; I’m yet to encounter.


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