Slow mo TV series

There are times when one wonders how much the media we consume shapes our world view. These past few blog posts were about such effects I have observed in the extended family and others around me.

There are these TV series junkies everywhere. The captivating reality that these other worlds present have been getting out of hand lately.

The duck tales and talespin are replaced with something callled ben 10 which I’ll never understand.

Let me pause talking about these types of toons for a minute and tell you an interesting story about a series-watching-aunt that I know of.

It is a well known and well published fact down here in south India that the prime time Tv in the evening is the reason many uncles miss their ideal supper time.

The captivating things these long running series provide to these tired minds is a thing of fascination in itself.

Some observations and analysis:
The ultra slow motion of a villainous looking actress walking down a staircase; suitably fused with a bewildered looking hapless folks waiting patiently at the base; is a thing of genius on the director’ part.

With this single repertoire countless emotions are projected- pity these become the “poor dead horse beaten with a bone dry stick to the depths of hell” in every series that is shown.

I sadly imagine how my aunt who watches will react to reality, How slow must she be wanting to see such a scene in her real life?

If this is the trademark of series made here it aptly ends with a ‘to be continued…’ to keep the fire burning.

These media elements has given rise to a generation of raged niece and nephews who never visit these folks in their old age for fear of having to sit through another daunting episode of such turmoil.

Imagine my pain when I realized the whole neighbourhood and even the state (which speaks the same tongue ) watches these same regional programs religiously.

I maybe quick to judge but there is an element of truth when I say: these programs incite biased judgment about real people.

When this is all you consume every waking hour of your day in a society where others do the same: you’ll have some serious dearth of reality in you.

I imagine how a single dose of lonely dark wilderness will crash their tv reality.

An evil smile spreads across my face as I look up over the spread open comics into which I was immersed just moments ago.

Needless to point out the irony!


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