I’m not a big fan though

“Now for something completely different. ”

The evening begins with confetti showers made of chart paper and used lottery tickets and sometimes coins; screaming audience, mums
consoling crying kids, eager youngsters styling their hair with wide eyed enthusiasm, enraptured folks who have lost their reality…

Girls giggling with trepidation.

The tension palpable in every soul of the audience.

The intro theme starts and builds up tension.

Magical words appear on the dark screen written with glowing bulbs that trace out the words SUPER STAR.

In a few seconds the pandemonium in the enclosed space rises to meet with the opening scene.
Words are unneeded to boost the charisma of the persona on screen.

When he speaks every tiny eardrum is resolute to catch every syllable.

The crying kids look on in awe. Realities of the droves are about to be influenced, for the characters he plays are modeled (almost always) after the common folk.

The droves set themselves on the path towards the standards set by one man.

Vanquishing villains, saving the day and getting the girl was the default plot line.

There were many who did just that none with the panache of this man.

When the day’s battle is over and the verdict delivered; the reign of evil is vanquished and the new day begins, there are they – countless who do the same in their real life.

Waiting patiently for the next installment of some serious real-tainment with a touch of attitude.

You silly folks enthralled by the lungi dance who compare this persona with Chuck Norris please stuff your bodily orifices with your bigotry; roll over to meet your maker, who most certainly will be one in the aforementioned droves.

NB. I made up the giggling girls.


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