Hearty lunch and a bit of legwork.

Few bits of luck, a hearty lunch, a made up mind to just go and someone who doesn’t second guess your direction gives you enough guts to go with the flow.

Look at the cool ice cream clouds at the start of the trail.


Follow the sun and you can make no mistake.

After much legwork and sweat we ended up on this trail.

The sound of a flowing water body and the rising water vapour of the fields blur your senses. One cannot deny the effects of the lunch too 🙂

Looking around you see the old bridges that arch over the train tracks, the bricks and mortar in them reflecting their age – grey,brown, yellow and green with moss; they have become part of the natural landscape…

The rays of the sun make the fern glow green and look alive.

Looking into the distance one is reminded to just soak in, for the photos don’t do justice to the moment.


Cheaper than taking a bus, the train got us back to town. I don’t remember the last time I was on this train.

One simply does not make this up.

ps. courtesy to all.

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