Twitter and the potential for change.

Was recently following the unfolding the events of the cyclone in India on twitter.

What started a fun experience reading tweets quickly became a near obsession.

There were the same sorta deluge of information the one witnessed on news channels.

The chair gripping moments: seeing the reporters in the field, wild winds thrashing, ripping trees and whatnot.

Then the realization sinked in: people on twitter and the mania on TV were powerfully orchestrated. Feelings in a millions souls were stirred by the scenes and prompted the overwhelming response.

The collective breath of exasperation when things subsided was reflected in the stream. Late was the hour when things went cool.

Real people were putting themselves in the frontline to save others.

Politically motivated rescue efforts or a humanitarian cause: the differences blurred. Spurred on by the heat of the moment I questioned objectivity.

All these media streams had a power like none other. To evoke change to make others feel connected; far away though they maybe.

The inner warrior inside is warned of the dangers of these streams.

How vulnerable are the minds of people during a crisis. Show them the data, visuals and combine them with a powerful narration and you can make history.

A lessons in journalistic objectivity and the ethics that govern them are a thing of beauty….



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