March of the way

A busy railway station is such a amazing sight.
Forget the noise and the chaos for minute and observe just the movement of the people.
I saw the very pace of things as an amazing thing to behold. Marching crowds weaving in and out careful not to bump into anyone. Determined and sure of where they are going.

Even as lost as some people are they are one with the time of that place. The time being relatively faster there.

The stops of the trains are for a very short durations. The luxury of time is felt. The need to get going gets triggered when you observe the crowd.

Only time I have seen a relaxed crowd is at dawn and in small stations where there are more people getting off than on the coaches.

Entire settlements are built around the stations. Some small some otherwise. They share the same sense of time that the folks journeying have.

The residents of these places are wired to respond to the time tables of the railways.

Geared to point to you the time of the day without looking at a watch and also to let you know if the train is on time.


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