Particularly spectacular days.

There were days; way back in the past when we would watch good movies in a theatre back home.

Some of my early recollections were of movies that included wild gunmen, dinosaurs, fantasy and modern technology (fictional, of course)

Those days the cost of the tickets started at 5,7,… INR.

One might presume I’m old because of the said denominations but the truth: it was a great little theatre that had a class system built in that accommodated every income bracket.

Theaters back home usually were places that had a dingy feel to it, but not this one.

This was a charming, clean and an airy place. Knee length green grass grew on the premises.

The view of freshly wet grass in the glowing rays of sunshine after a sudden rain in the afternoon, viewed with eyes newly re-adjusting to light during the intermission was something I have to share.

The glinting droplets of water on the green of the grass refreshes your mind in an instant.

This being a quaint little town there was the defining chimney with smoke in a rundown place in the neighborhood.

Spires of the churches and other buildings of ancient repute provided the charming backdrop.

Burning its image into my mind forever.

And as is the case with nostalgic memories the grass, the smoke and the very essence of that scene; shining about by the light of the lazy afternoon is but a memory and a dear one at that.


3 thoughts on “Particularly spectacular days.

  1. The Waiting says:

    I *adored* this. I can really tell that place holds a special place in your heart and memory. There is something about the image of wet grass….

    Thank you for participating in Remember the Time! I hope to “see” you again soon!

  2. Theaters are so over the top nowadays. Fancy food. Servers who bring your drinks at your seats. Shouldn’t the movie itself be enough of a draw to go? In a lot of ways, I think these new theaters have taken a lot away from the movie-going experience. There is lot to be said for simplicity.

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