Monkeys and awesome views

Been traveling for the past few days to dharmapuri to visit uncle and dad who was staying there.
Uncle lives near the rail station, many hours of lecture on train routes had to be listened to.
They are able to tell which train is approaching by the miracle of sound. Endless talk about dull things. Got good food in return for the trouble.

Also had to visit tiruppur, this was a bit familiar. Travelled by train this time, not bad, should include more of this in my regular travel.

Was looking for a decent pair of cargos, couldn’t sight a good one meebe not looking at the right places.

Anyway, back on the road today. Reached ooty in the evening, on my way I met many monkeys this time. Looks like there were out watching the crowd.

There are usually scattered and few in number, this time it was like they were waiting on the sidelines to watch the traffic.

The mettupalayam viewpoint was stunning in the afternoon sun, the dense foliage reminded me of paintings on a Thomas Hardy paperpack, yellow and brown hints of green and red all around on the rocky surfaces. My guess is this must be the shola forest only at a lower altitude.

I’ll stop by the next time I get a photo op.

And the valley was amazing sans the fog today. The bluest skies with streaks of white clouds, must have been the inspiration for michaelangelo himself.

IF this was the case on the left side the opposite was true of the right, dark rain clouds looming in the distance and sure enough the drizzle.

The change was gradual from the boiling desert of Annur to the plains of the mettupalayam to the rain drops of the hills. It spoke of the differences one witnesses even of the people on might find here.

As is usual during my travel in this route memories of the old were triggered as we approached the fun city junction.
here is the house of the person who.. well never mind.


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