Kids’s story two

For your consideration and enjoyment readers: 

There it is: kids’ story 2

There once was a little mouse much like jerry living near a 
cabin by the lake.

THe wild goose fly around the lake, calls of the wild foxes are 
heard during the night.

Some days it get so much colder and wet and windy that the 
trees start to talk to each other. Such was the environment this mouse lived in. 

This little mouse was scared of all these things for he was so small that the wildness of nature was too hard for his little mouse mind. 

There was one thing special about this mouse though, he had a 
brilliant mind. Such a mind was so naive and smart at the same 
time that it was quite difficult to fathom the depths of it.

One day on a dry sunlight day. The kind of day that you’d find if 
you woke up early one day 😉

The mouse stumbled upon its door the lonely grandpa tortoise(don’t ask how interspecies relationship is born), Grandpa tortoise was
this century old person who seemed to have become so lonely in life that he could suck the wind out of a dementor(by this time kids should be familiar with HP). 

BTW The purpose of this inquisitive mouse mind was to invent a device to bottle up feelings like the ones that collector of coffees carry with them. These coffee drinking cockroaches as we shall call them (CDC)

The mouse after months of enquiry obtained this huge chemistry set where one could store feelings in. 
He runs to the Grandpa tortoise’s house and finds lounging in his chair smoking his old pipe with good quality aromatic cavendish tobacco. The mouse hurries for Grandps has a habit of dozing off into different dimensions. 

Finding Grandps the mouse gathers some of the loneliness from grandps and bottles it up in the vial that came with his chemistry set. 

The mouse thanks grandps and with excited face and speed in his walk reaches the tree of the great eagle. 
So named after the next of the great eagle that like on those old trees. The mouse realizing where it was quickly turns around for this is the scene of the next story… 

The mouse finding his right way reaches the doors of this goofy dog named “heyDaug” heyDaug is this very friendly character that is too social for it’s own good. ( heyDaug has been friendzoned so many times that he wonders deeply about this thing called friendship, he could probably write a thesis on that matter) anyway, heyDaug welcomes our little mouse and gives him a bit of him mind enough to fill the curiosity of the mouse. The mouse thanks his good friends and hurry back home. 

He collect the findings in chemistry set though. 
He reaches home and find that he is now in possession of these two powerful emotions, loneliness and social happiness. 

He pulls out his chemistry set without pausing to read the manual he starts off the experiment. He has dreamed of doing this experiment for a long time. Every time he imagined that this could be done he couldn’t contain his joy. 

The chemistry set was real. He took a little of the loneliness and heated it, you could say saute’d it, yeah that’s the right word. He was amazed to see the result the loneliness was actually very brilliant in nature he left it aside and heated up the social happiness from the dog, similar changes the social skills turned in to a powerful artifact of confidence. 

The last step of the experiment as you guessed it was to see what’ll happen if you mix both of this together in and 
apply heat. 

The mouse found to it’s surprise that: 

Loneliness and brilliance 
Social and confidence. 
Mixing too much these things together blows up in the face.



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