Mirrors and reflections

My first kids’ story: 

There once lived in the grasslands of a nice mountain lived a big bear.  This bear wanders the gentle rolling plains and valleys in hopes for food and searches all over the place in  vain.  It looks down smells the grass, sees the pond, looks under the rocks but fails to find food.  

It goes hungry and sad back to it’s cave somewhere vowing to start the next day early. 

Dawn breaks the gentle dew of the glowing morning drips of the greenest blade of the grass around the bear. It sees the weather and hopes to stay back at home for it knows that to just venture out in this weather would be dangerous and it was aware of the extra energy needed to do this task. 

But this time there was something in the fresh air outside, that inspired this bear to venture out.  This was a strong natural bond that attracts most bears… That it could not ignore.  

It goes out to this valley and finds a gentle lake there to wash his claws and freshen up his sleepy eyes.   

He gentle washes his face and stares socked its reflection in the pure water mirror like. 
He sees its own reflection and considers for the first time in its life the possibly that it might not be the reflection that is broken but could be the mirror that is broken.  

He realizes that he is a bear.

He remembers reading in fairy tales about bears liking honey. He has always imagined a bear with honey for some reason.   

He looks up at the tree and finds the honey and he is content for now he thinks he is indeed a bear.  

It gives undo credit to realization found the honey only because he came to the realization that he is a bear.  

Is this bear right ?

Is it really a bear? 

 Is it really you in the mirror or is your mirror broken the real you not the one you see in the mirror ! 



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