Internet is a must have

Internet is a must have for us people. This is more true to the kind of work we do….
Any time any issue pops up in our servers we want instant notification. We want to be able to go to the mental model of your system and find out if this could wait for you to finish your coffee or not.

We need data we need the information exchange between teams we need to have connectivity at all costs.

We can manage without water for a day but the Internet connectivity is a must. It is like the very extension of our mind.

When you get into this work mode nothing around you makes any difference. I for instance have worked out of a moving bus, out in a trek and from places where one would not think of work. These are the true nature of the enabling Internet.

We need to position our systems in the war field in many different places and options to allow for implementing dynamic strategies.
I have seen some systems thAt are triggered by a single file placed at the right place. Such huge operations are triggered and carried out behind the screens, one wonders what the system did at those times. Did it do the job for you for did it just lie about it and you missed it.

We don’t have the visibility there. Systems that are well positioned. These should broadcast it s location, it s metric, it should throw up debug messages if we wanted.
These have the flexbility.

Internet needs to evolve as a system.


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