The fictional dimension

Recently came across a curious app call Tucker’s phone

Yo’d understand this immediately if you who the legendary Malcolm Tucker is.

Malcolm tucker is the  fierce character in the tv series “the thick of it.”
I’m a big fan of this show.

Malcolm tucker uses a lot of his phone during his typical day at office.
Sheparding his people for the lack of a better word.

This app is tucker s phone.  

He has lot his phone an now you get to see the fictional dimension of the character’s real life portraying his life events.

This app gives you access to his email. His voicemails and extras that is provided in a typical phone.

Even Malcolm tucker himself has left a voicemail for you to listen – the twat who has his lost phone.

I’m enjoying this level of depth in making a fiction come true

Imagine the spoof accounts that are in twitter like devious borat which provide an entertaining glimpse into the life’s of fictional characters.

Takin this to new fictional dimension is going to be the future of story telling, this app is going places.

Kishore Kumar

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