Biology class at Breeks.

I was just watching this documentary about the origin of species and
it took my thoughts way back into the past when I was at school.

I was a Biology student then by choice, we had this mini lectures
that we were supposed to present to class every Friday or so in
spare classroom periods, this was Mrs. Sarah class.

My lecture was on Origin of Species (the textbook being typical of
state school quality had a page and a half about this)
I remember preparing for the lecture by borrowing a tiny book on Darwin from cousin and
reading others in the Library.

I remember fumbling about trying to talk to classmates about these ideas of evolution and
others that we’ve all learnt. We’d had gradually accumulated enough science to dispel
any myths about the origin of life. We scarcely had any ideas about creationism put inside
us in any way.

When looking at human cells under Mr.Manoharan’s microscope  we always saw them as
Animal cells. That was profound, others I meet around these days don’t identify humans as animals but as creatures straight from God’s own lap with dominion over every other living thing.

We should count ourselves lucky to have had such training and curiosity to learn in a fact based

I just realized how much of information I’ve understood about the matter now for I’ve not
stopped learning Biology or science in general even after years of computer studies.

I’m subconsiously thinking of refinements to my talk that I gave when in school, some may consider
it stupid to remember such details after so many years, but I can visualize myself in the dim lit
classroom clearly and hope to make a bit better.

A many of us went into engineering, I can’t think how many find those classes relevant today.

Given a chance I’d like to sit in such classes today and see if students these days learn
the same way we did back then.




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