Just realized a simple thing to make sense of life

It is all about appreciation, appreciation of every living thing.
Accept a plant for what it is. Appreciate every rodent and every mighty lion.
Appreciate all the rain, the corn that people care for and grow. Appreciate the simple farmer, the king who rules justly. The hero who steals from the corrupt and serves the poor.

The rule is appreciation, make every thing glorified. Have this childlike mind to respect and venerate a simple rock, a bug or the note that’s played on a grand piano. This childish nature at laughing at tom and jerry.

This sense of mystery about ghosts with Scooby.
Getting terrified about evil when watching Saving Private Ryan for the first time, being entralled by Oprah’s power and relying on the Swat kats to save the city.

This kind of emotions is the result to looking at things and feeling them to be real, to understand the poor little mushroom, to look at it’s scales on the underside. Feeling wondrous at the discovery, showing it to your friends, seek their approval. Glorifying a fern.

Being eager to look at a distant horizon and gaining approval for your existence makes sense. But ignoring the giving out of appreciation, encouragement and the support to every thing around us is just appreciation seeking without having enough marks.

Look at everything with a child like eye, wonder about things, respect it’s existence, learn about it see the personality inside it.

Let’s not let evil exist in the first place. Appreciate the difference between people, respect their virtues, their culture, their self.

Cut off the thought of seeing people as different because of their religion, nationality their age or such things, get excited about their culture like they appreciate ours.

Appreciate every puddle on the road, the rock that lies to left appreciate the sun for its greening power, appreciate the land.

Appreciate everything, love its existence, try and understand the reason for everything’s existence.

Thanks for reading. I already felt great appreciating you !! I’m smiling in knowing that you are a person. Thanks.


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