Life with PHB styled bosses.

Had a chat this evening with my Manager’s manager.

It started off fine with him listening to the roadmap I put forth and the progress made so far.
Out of the blue the guy shuts me up and starts his soliloquy.

Backstory: Recently started at a job as infra engineer.
This place has some neat people doing the grunt work and one other cock-blocking.

They want to use puppet for automating server configuration and having worked a little in it and been exposed to a large codebase at the previous org,

I had understood their needs and had built functioning definitions that addressed a subset of their needs.
Had demo’d it to the team and people were happy of the progress being made.

This guy at upper management come out and _refuses_ to see what we had produced and goes on and on about his needs,
misdirecting the efforts
and simply refuses to acknowledge when we try to communicate.

Having listened to very capable and enlightened souls in my past, this diatribe didn’t settle well with me.  I was imagining the stories of the PHB in my mind.

This guy has what it takes to kill enthusiasm and team work.

At this point I was mildly entertained but beginning to wonder if this is just a benign problem or a cancerous one.

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