Decide fast but think beforehand

I’ve always had an easy time deciding on things like food, apparel and games.

The same cannot be said about many other things.
What we all come to realize sometime or the other is this little trick for making quick calculated decisions.

There are a bunch of people who go as far as determining your destiny based on decisions you make.  This has a lot of truth to it in some sense.  But prolonging any decision tends to make your analysis and ineffective, not to mention the anguish caused by the internal turmoil one has to go through in the process.

There a couple of things that are important when making snappier decisions that I realized when I was out shopping with friends.
The more you know what your needs are and the more you visualize things beforehand the greater your decision making skills are.

Sometimes a quick reaction to certain situation demands a high level of concentration and practice this level of acuteness cannot simply be actualized without first putting yourself in such situations when your mind is at peace and ready to tackle challenges.

I have recently been through some challenges where I found hard to make snappier decisions, causes could have been both external and internal.  Having made a decision one has to also resolve to stick the plan.  Course correction is optional but that commands another set of decision run to tweak the parameters and get a clear picture.

What I feel more important is the process should be swift and strong. Conditioning your mind to correlate your decisions to that of your needs can only be done when one gets to know oneself.  A strong resolve can be achieved by a having a strong desire to make it happen.

Like in any other facet of your life, changes such are better made with support and help with the people around you.


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