So you don’t want gnome3, look outside.

Spent sometime thinking about replacing Gnome3 with the older and light weight equivalents.

Crappy gdm it seems now doesn’t let you switch environments at login time, also it won’t let me change my keybooard layout.

Don’t get me started on how I should modify this and that file the get some
functionality that should have been there by default.

Installed blackbox and checked to see if gdm shows it; it didn’t.

First step was to remove gnome-shell using yum.
It removed gnome-panel along with it, there goes my idea of having bluetile with gnome panel.
The gnome panel is pretty awesome, I liked the older one, it’s a bit easier to switch net connections and other things.

Gnome fails to start if gnome-shell is not present, in the other machine I had manually deleted the binary, it complained but worked nevertheless.
Gdm failed to stop and kept restarting, there were these preferences in
tweaked it to start other display mngr, but it  failed to correctly load the preferred display manager.

Gdm does not relinquish control that easily.

Time to remove gdm and replace with something light.
The lxdm, usable at the first try showing the essentials, option to choose display mngr, language and stuff.

It keeps its conf here /etc/lxdm/lxdm.conf
It’s quite handy with many hooks for post and prelogin.

Got in blackbox and started work. Also discovered the nifty Terminal package.

This is what terminals were meant to be tabbed, copy pasta and sleek in full screen with options to disable alt-f, this  means those emacs shortcuts for navigating by word could be used.

I don’t like wallpaper less screens.
To change ’em in blackbox we have to hunt down Eterm to get its companion packages
Esetroot /usr/share/backgrounds/tree.jpg to set the wallpaper.
The thing is x forgets wallpaper settings.
It may not work having this in xinitrc. This is where our postlogin script succeeds.

If eset doesn’t work you could try
bsetbg -full /usr/share/backgrounds/tree.jpg

Another cool thing was pcmanfm, this seems to be the base for nautilus file browser of the old.
Simple and fast file browser with the neat set of familiar nautilus.

Also you could read lxsession edit, it shows some nice tweaks to gnome as well.

I’m so used to alt tab switching now that blackbox just does’nt cut it for browsing and terminal work.
Kicked in flux box and the change was complete.

Also if you have traces of gnome on your machine, this
sudo pkexec gnome-power-backlight-helper –set-brightness 0
is helpful the set the brightness when stuck in the virtual ttys.

Another way to change screen brightness using the /proc systems is somewhere in this blog.

Also, if you hate the big nasty window frames/borders brought by gnome3 you should check out maximus.
The rpm available is for fc12 but it works on fc15/16 as well, you could get rid of those and get a clean
window (it’s useless in g3 anyways)

After these changes the machine looks gorgeous. Amazing login speed and very usable.


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