what’ve they done, my rants on gnome3

A recent hd crash forced me to get a fedora16 install.

Gnome3 the horror!!

Was only recently thinking how the old gnome simply worked.  A simple panel for my icons, the simple applets and a simple menu.  I had everything I need there.

Now I need to search endlessly to find the keyboard settings. There’s no way to choose dvorak on the login screen, no shutdown button in sight.

And whats with the grouping of  windows, a simple alt tab switched windows; now I have to wait for the preview and choose the one that I want.  It’s scary to think of what would have happened when I installed bluetile on top of this.

The laptop I’m using has a small screen. Who in their right minds want such big frames for windows.

Did an uninstall of gnome-shell and a semblance of sanity returned.



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