OOBPS an new approach to problem solving

I’ve just come to a startling conclusion about my coding habits.
I do my best programming work when I’m writing code for my friends.
Every so often some friend of mine comes to me with a problem statement
and it shifts my mind to high gear.

Ideas flow and pseudocode follows concrete implementations. This desire to
help solve their problems sheds many of the responsibilities and decision making
that I usually shoulder when solving my own programming problems.

Some times this have worked even as far a coding in a completely unfamiliar problem.
There is this satisfaction that one gets when you genuinely try to help out
others, you make the problem yours but are not burdened with the chaff that comes
with the problem.

I term this the Out Of Body Problem solving or OOBPS.
The next time a problem crops up I’m gonna just stand back and get into 3rd person view
to get shit done.


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