Let you heart rule over you

Credits to D Sharon Pruitt  http://www.flickr.com/photos/pinksherbet/4463360814/

Colorful life

These days my mind tunes in thoughts and memories in random.  Some are happy memories that are sweet to the max, memories that spread a tingling sensation in every part of your body. Many others are sad that makes your heart ache.

The ones that make you feel good  always have one thing in common: feeling connected.

Be it the music that you listen to or talking to a favorite person, the lasting impressions are made by the ones that touch your core.   Things that keep you glued to it,  things that you wish would go on forever. These are the things

Imagine the last conversation you had with yourself,  pushing yourself to your limits. Imagine looking at the ants carrying off your biscuit one bit at a time.  Replay the joy you felt talking to your lover, being with her.  Think about the taunts and praise showered by your family.  Recollect your favorite dialogue in your favorite sitcom.  Think of the last funny stunt your friend pulled out.  Feel the joy in the music you’re listening to.  Remember the last time you saw the sun rise.  Re read this paragraph and focus on the feelings each thing invoked in you.

Things suddenly seem bright, you have found yourself wanting to hold on to the moment a little longer.  A smile spreads on your lips, your heart is at rest. The tiny hair on your hands twitch.  This is you letting yourself feed on your happiness.  Something from within that melts away your surroundings, time doesn’t matter anymore to you, your feelings are pure, eclectic,  the kindling of the child like curiosity overwhelms you… you are at peace.

You try to hold on to the melody a little longer. You feel it change slightly, you know its about to end and now you don’t resist it anymore, you are ever so slowly gaining the courage to face it. you’re changed now, you are now ready to feel again.


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