Data and me

I gave up on working in AbInitio products because I didn’t like the closed nature
of the community and my general interest lay in linux and user apps; not the enterprise style data processing.
Also there was a glaring disconnect in seeing the results of your work while creating those graphs. It was like being a replacable cog meant
to churn thru the data they were handling.

Still there seems to be a healthy demand for DW people, even after almost a year of not using them I still get the occasional call for a good open positions.

Working with popular languages and learning a bit about the web side of things had brought me back to the plane where I was comfortable-
open techs and peeking at the code. But the explosive exposure to multiple techs, frameworks and protocols has taken me in my current direction.

I think I’ve deliberately put myself in a places where I could reach only a certain degree of expertness before moving on to something only tangentially related.

The reason I’m writing this post is because after having a go at both the web side of things and the data handling side and now learning to manage apps and the infra, I’m starting to see a recurring theme.

Before I go on:
There are wiser people out there who may be right in saying: You ain’t seen nothing yet son !!
Humor me now: this thing that keeps cropping up is the abundance of data. Should have paid more attention to those DS classes.

On one side you have data being pumped to the devices be it a markup or a movie, the layers of protocols helping you and
on the other end tools crunching away to produce munchable data.

It seems to me that all of cs is about data. It scary when you start seeing these things virtually everywhere.
Looking at how I go on living life: feeding myself, having feelings, interacting, doing things.
Applying knowledge and handling the fuzzy feedback loop of chemicals and emotions; Continuously programming yourself. It scary to think of oneself in
such terms.

What’s scarier is that looking under the hood you see math in every corner.
Knowing my skillset I seemed to have painted myself in a corner.

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