Switching to dvorak

Credit goes to parents for putting me on a typewriter at an early age at home.
I’ve a decent speed on a normal keyboard.
Decided to take it further with dvorak after hearing about it in ilugc mailing list.

Recently switched jobs, having a lot to read these days not much developing to do.

Also I needed to find something to keep my broken heart from falling apart.

First try it took 22 minutes to type 129 words compared to a close 2 minutes in qwerty of the same.

Will update my progress after having spent enough time on it.


One thought on “Switching to dvorak

  1. kish says:

    In gnome changing the keyboard layout is straight forward, it is available under System > Preferences > Keyboard > USA –Dvorak.

    We could use xmodmap to change the layout from the command line when running Xserver.
    When we are dropped in any one of the non X terminals by pressing Ctrl alt F1,2,3 we can’t use xmodmap , for this loadkeys works for me.

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