I like man pages

Classic UNIX design textbook, excellent resources on the net, a couple of man pages, scanty looks at the kernel code and hours later, I’m able to piece together sockets, pipes and everything in between.
If only I had learnt to do this while in college…

Analysing the works of the great ole patriarchs leaves you feeling feeble and unworthy.
Master Foo comforts the soul when you mindlessly wander into the deep valley filled with joyous serpents with joints like linked lists’.
The friendly folk who write rfc s inspire you to read every line like a mantra, You stick your headphones on when you realise that the last thing you want now is to be disturbed from your meditations on reserved bits and padding on a header.

You dump the traffic, you see the data flowing thru the wire and you awaken yourself out of the slumber that you have been in to face the mastery of souls before you, who crafted the layers and layers of richness in bits and hardware so that you could enjoy the shawarma. When you take apart a piece you are left with bits and pieces of this and that and you realize not everything is connected yet every bit makes the whole.

You earn to go back to the days when you had every resource to understand the ethereal world, full of majesty built of nothing but bricks made out of everyday data structures. The time you wasted looking for inspiration in grand things are now lost. The feelings of desperation to do something worthwhile are drowned in the silliness of finding work and life.

You drum thru life looking for places to be and things to do when all you had to do was to spend time looking at things around you, reading in between the lines, extrapolating ordinary events and sequences of actions, feeling the beats.

Had you done that you could have glimpsed at the core of your mind revelling in the sweetness of knowing that everything grand is built out of the simplest of things and that’s when you must learn to look.

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