Trip to Shimogha, animals, islands and views

Exploring Shimogha

Last weekend we took a trip to ShivaMogha aka Shimoga.
Plans were drawn up by Sathish and Sivendu a month ago.

Enjoyed a train ride after a long time. The last I remember travelling
by train was way back when I went to Jabesh’s house in Chennai.
Coming to think of it was always fascinated by trains. I recollect my younger days when I thought of them as monsters
sliding into your platform with huge suspensions and confusing similarities and the mad rushes to get those
uncomfortable wooden seats.
I remember days when father used to show me the steam engines . The smoking coal spreads a warm feeling.

Day 0:

Anyway this time we started from work and reached the station for an over priced dinner.
Reached Shimoga early the next day to a ordinary cloudy day.

After settling ourselves in a hotel with very nice paintings. We filled ourselves with delicious idlies.

Day 1:

Met up with some elephants at a camp. Mighty creatures those elephants.
The lake was shimmering and the birds and fishes there were quite a sight.

After a watching some white birds at the bird sanctuary we posed atop a few trees.
We moved on to cool river and managed to catch a few tiny fishes with a lot of help.

And sure there were some swimsuit photos of people too.
Later in the after after a hearty meal in some broken down hotel we managed to find a nice temple where people
feed fishes the size of a keyboard.

Spent our late after noon watching kids and old people feed the fishes.
Next we went a long way to a view point to see the sun set, as luck would have it we’re looking at a clouded evening.
Though we enjoyed badly made tea and made fun of the frowning monkeys there.

We travelled back our hotel watching a well shot prince of persia style telugu movie.
The place was muddy after rains started, we explored a few shops in the town and got back to our room for the night.
Day 2:
Our people threw me a birthday party, waking me up in the middle of the night when I was lost in a dreamless sleep.
Quickly resumed my sleep after getting rid of the cake on my face.

Plans were altered to cover all the places we wanted to see.

We managed to reach a island by a ferry ride that even transported mini vans.
The sights of other islands and the clear water was relaxing. On the island was an overcrowded temple where we waited for our lot
for a long time.

After lunch we moved on to another temple that looked like someting out of a history book.
The temple was really old and a magnificent piece of architecture, well maintainted in my view.
The rows and rows of idols beautifully carved spoke of the artistry of people long gone.
The nandhi in front of the temple was one big animal.
The lions flanking the entrance to the temple reminded me of the ages gone by where such symbols of greatness and power
was embodied in the ruling kingdoms.

We reached Jog falls and hurried up scouting for a ideal view.
Magnificent falls that spoke of the grandness of nature.
The dizzying heights of the falls was enough to scare some people. We didn’t climb down as it would kill precious time.
The sun was almost down when we got back on our transport to hurry for our train ride back to Bangalore.

It was a wonderful trip with a lot of sights that made us happy to be out and exploring.

PS> will insert other photos later.


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