Wayanad, a strangely familiar place

Last weekend when I was getting for a lazy weekend of games came a call for a last minute trip to Wayanad. Having never been to Kerala before it was a good opportunity.

Started around 1 am from Bangalore and reached Mysore pretty soon. After the familiar route reached the much dreaded wait at Bandipur, you see, the road that travels through the reserve is closed for traffic at night time. While waiting one should take solace in the idea that we’re doing this for the benefit of the poor animals.

Crossed the Karnataka border in the early morning, feeling hungry and tried after having many teas with extra sugar.

The landscape in this area was mostly Bamboo forests and farmlands. After an hour all I saw were the triangular shaped magnificent houses typical of this region. The tea estates reminded me of Kotagiri and the surrounding areas of Mettupalayam.

We reached http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soochipara_Falls, it was a pretty site with a lot of deep cracks in the rocks which must be very old. After bathing and relaxing in the cool waters we were mighty hungry. There were shops set up in the area which gave us noodles made with Coconut oil: different taste.

Next we went to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edakkal_Caves. That was a wonderful experience after a short steep walk we reached the caves, very old.
The images carved there were other worldly and to think people who lived scores of years ago in the stone age had such grand ideas was amazing. The view from the mountain outside the caves was breathtaking, we frequently compared this with our trek at Skandagiri.
After much exhaustion we got downhill and that’s when the rain poured, we settled in a hotel that provided TN style food and ate mightily savouring the richness in the food revealed only to those with a hungry stomach.

We travel back to Kalpetta and at the opposite direction we reached a quaint little lake that was at the moment misty with tiny ripples caused due to the ripples. It was an amazing sight.
Having gotten used to the tree covered vistas of Ooty lake this one was different, it opens up to show the mountains all covered in light green. We took a long walk around the lake revelling in the rain and cool weather.

We next went to see a viewpoint in the hairpin bends on the road towards Kozhikode. This was a pretty site, see..

We wrapped up with a kerala dinner and tea and settled in a home stay for the night, dreaming about the day thinking just 24 hours ago we were in our rooms in Bangalore sitting in front of a monitor, what a waste that would have been.

The next morning all cleaned up and fresh we started to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banasura_Sagar_Dam, familiar sights and a cool breeze there, was good to look at the mighty things we could create.

Just before lunch we went to the Kuruva islands, it was a fun experience walking through the Bamboo forests and seeing the gently rolling stream.

After a hearty meal and some hanging out we got back to Mysore for our familiar Punjabi style food and rested for the night in our comfy rooms in Bangalore.

Amazing what we could see in just a few days.


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