This election in TamilNadu, would be cool to vote over facebook.

As it turned out, last election favorites in TamilNadu produced a lot of crooks,
this season I don’t like to waste my money going home to vote in an election that could produce more crooks.

I’d like to suggest a facebook page for all the contestants, with a full profile and atleast a few years of active posts in a various blogs and social sites, hopefully no fishville and farmville requests.

Let them advertise and put out the prophecies for a hopeful future for the state.

I’d like and unlike at a click of a mouse button with my https connections, the most voted person will be granted sudo powers(let’s reserve the root permission to Optimus Prime).

Let em make plans and put it out for review (reddit style) and collaborative development(git hub maybe).

The most upvotes will trigger a workflow that could direct resources to the workforce coupled with a web based monitoring tools with appropriate SLA and an escalation matrix and active ground level tweets and SMS alerts.

That would be freaking awesome, pull the poor basterd not doing his job and hand him a lifeban from work after a strict defaults.

Make everything a collaborative process, when people could produce high quality operating systems and many other complex pieces of software over the net, surely we they could run a country and make it better over the net.

Looking at the nice national website the country host; I’d say my dreams of such an ecosphere is not
far behind.

Time for dinner,


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