Working on making a web based WYSIWYG editor

Was recently tasked with working on a web based editor for documents and stuff.
Turns out there are a few available options. TinyMCe provides a neat editor written in Javascript.
It writes to html, was thinking of using OpenOffice(now LibreOffice) to convert document to needed formats.
It seems OO architecture allows to design an web interface for their core functionality. Though there are a lot of documentation the task was too heavy for my brain.

EyeOS have managed to integrate TinyMCE with OO. I don’t know so much of Javascript to debug the editor initialization error. This happens with the new TinyMCE_gzip.js file.

Another alternative people on the mailing list suggested was using the ZOHO’s document service. They provide a nice interface for loading our private documents onto their server and firing up a editor from the web.
It claims to save the file to our repository when provided with a web facing link. The problem is we don’t know what exactly should the web facing URL expect from the zoho server. The documentation is scarce in this area.

If we are able to identify the POST request sent back to our server then we would have successfully solved the problem of integrating an editor into our suite of application.

It would nice to solve the problem with EyeOS and have our very own editor with OO doing the heavy lifting.


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