HomeBrew games signed for PSP OFWs

My premonition came true today. Some good people have signed a few homebrews after discovering the keys used to sign PSP games in PS3 firmware.

Some run on my 5.55 OFW on a 3000 brite.

My favorite app is PSPPDA, I can now write and more importantly read files, it s a great feeling to finally open up the device that was so closed.

Remarkably there are several projects on sf where people have released the source for the games.

It heartening to see when people fight back the schemes of evil companies who close their devices preventing innovation.


One thought on “HomeBrew games signed for PSP OFWs

  1. kish says:

    Was able to upgrade firmware to 6.35 and installed 6.35 PRO A to achieve non-permanent CFW functionality, Now am able to run ISO’s and other games available before making a purchase.
    Long live the developers who have just made the PSP a device worth having without it just being a costly brick.

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