Usual crap with a twist

First off, going home for Christmas this year, planning on sessions near a fire with a nice classic novel.
Been doing a bit of work Java these days. It’s turning out to be freaking tedious.

What I’m trying to do is build up an admin interface for creating zimbra users, this will go into the openldap zimbra has the users in this DIT could then be imported in other modules of our solutions.

The crazy idea was to directly write to the zimbra ldap using our fancy web interface. After drowning myself in the rfc s pulling out some crazy JNDI moves we decided that touch any part of the LDAP without zimbra’s knowledge would be unwise.

Wise people in the IRC pointed out the SOAP interface that was put up for doing things like this. Taking their advice have left behind the DIT madness for now.

Started putting together class that will create and send SOAP request to the server. Turns out I don’t like Java so much to be writing essays to just get a tiny bit done. Have been coding in Java like a shell script.

Curl comes to the rescue, it somehow designed exactly for this kind of thing.

There is the zmsoap utility does magic in XPath style. Decided it was time to get the frontend rolling. The front is being developed in GWT those wonderful people at google have loaned us their flashy mysticism(I’d use Vaadin if it was my call, the samples are a delight)

The other person handling this has still not entered the grand gates madness, it s a tiring journey to say the least.

Have broken the covenant by introducing blocking waits by using the Runtime class suggested by Anita to use Zmsoap directly into my class.

Looking into the code of SoapCommandUtil to figure out the pieces already in place so as to save myself some headaches.

There is no way I would be able to build a proper SOAP request with my pseudo liking for Java.
The source contains most of my design ideas fleshed out, it s possible to do this.

Enjoyed reading about LDAP and rfc s will go back to that after this is done. To say the least IDE’s are good for complicated source directories and correcting my incompetency, but the overall feel of building something bit by bit is lost.

My perceptions of Java has changed a bit after having seen other things. That and the O logo everywhere.


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