The all important learning attitudes

People who have worked with me will attest to the fact that I’m a willing helper when it comes to
getting people up to speed on a bit of Linux basics.

This was something that I picked up from the seniors in the linux club back when in college, that has
helped a lot.

There are some kinds of people that I have encountered
>The eager learner
>The whatever you say learner
>The why is it so hard learner
>The how can I do this in windows learner
>The I’m holier than thou learner

No matter how much time you decide to give to the first four kinds, it would be most probably turn
out to be fun.

It is the last that I can’t stand. Helping that kind is a major PITA. They like the idea of getting help but refuse the actions necessary to be successfully helped. For various reasons they fail to see the beauty in accepting help. We’re not working for free, we have better things to do, we’re simply helping you out because you asked.

It just doesn’t work if you don’t listen first and work; and if you think you’re lowering yourself because someone’s showing you things you were ignorant of before, think again which is better, to momentarily feel ignorant or to really be ignorant?

If it’s not this then it’ll surely be speed. Biting way more than what you can chew. Ideally this should be regulated by a taking in criticisms positively there’s no other way to do it.

Some simple things like these dramatically improves your chances of getting help. Something close to these attitudes have improved me over the years and still does.


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