Overactive imagination

This poor soul is trying to get a hang of writing and reading some kickass shell scripts to get away from the awful
command spraying habit that floats to the top of every repetitive workload.
You know the one where one types clear 4 times and ls a equal number of time just after cd ing into a directory.

Looking at people do that makes me think of the calories their fingers have just wasted.
My body cannot withstand such a loss with my current food intake.

After doing script fu to simply dust off some files to deep polish some programs I’ve come to respect the brave souls who
make ths work. This process has somehow rubbed a little of its golden dust on me; now I can realise beauty in this style of

Was recently looking over some code frags in Java after a long time. What once seemed to be enjoyable(Typin in long classes and
and calling methods after methods that return stuff you cast into other stuff) now seems just waste of energy.
When you start to do something in a lang like Java after a overdose of scripting, monstrous command swears with their backticks
keep popping up in my HUD.

It’s a pleasure to realize you could understand somethings which you once thought was too hazardous for your health.

After shell scripts I took a new look at other code segments, some unix sys code in C was in my mind looking like the nuts
and bolts under the hood of a Tank( like the ones in Saving Pvt. Ryan, which the cast blow up with sock bombs).

These days most of my work simply deals with tags this and tags that. This is just nested pain. I have to fight the urge
to stop my fingers from trying to indent these for readability. Not that XML and others are a bad thing; they give me
something to do, even if it’s a bush that needs some clearing.

After a bit of beautiful perl wildness, I knew that was the place of old white bearded(strike that whiteandgrey bearded) wizards.

Had a quick peek at some basic code and knew something was wrong with it s symmetrical looking style.
Journey sofar has not take me to other places worth mentioning. Maybe a bit of S?L mumbo jumbo doing origami with datasets.

Landed atlast with the familiar looking place beatifully formatted and simply presented in python.
Not better for a wannabe who looks at pieces of code that is palatable by his simple mind.


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