Hating things

Letting go of little things that irritate us is my natural tendency, until recently I realised that
when you let go of a lot of little things it makes your life a living hell.

Once in a while a colleague calls for lunch, the usual sorry bunch of us march
to eat the meal that we hope will change our lives.
These buggers don’t have a freaking clue what they want, they keep asking where to eat what and what to eat. Most of the time I go along to crappy places here
where clearly the food and the environment sucks.

Since food is of primal importance to creatures like us lacking in the necessary body mass.
We like to have a steady and frequent diet of ’em good calories.

Those rants of the fatass psuedo dieting creatures don’t interest us brains when there are working mood.
And whats more the lost look and the no talk during lunch just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’d rather fend myself
that in packs if it comes to that.

All these things are definitely little things, but do this for over an year in freakingly regular discipline and you have
a problem thats just waiting to make you a killer.

And whats with the stare the imbecile looks on your face when someone asks you something. You either know or don’t know the
freaking answer. And in company you put out a statement and behave as if that is the fact of life taken out of the personal
diaries of our fairy godmother. Logical reasoning in defence of it is in the order of a gnat. Things like this just freaking makes
peoples mind numb with prolonged contact with you.

These days contact with some people have proved me time and again that people still don’t realize for freaking insignificant
we are. It just does matter, your condescending looks or your flattery just doesn’t cut that hard for it to matter.
You may have been my friend sometime in the past we could have shared some memories together, that doesn’t mean that you
should have contempt. My time is precious and so is yours lets respect that.

The same applies to people who look at you with contempt when you speak in a common tongue, the language that
I know shouldn’t define that person I’m.

After all this nerve raking interchanges on would only expect peace and tranquility when on is back home trying to rest.
There lies the mysterious scheme of luck which throws a noisy person as a roommate. Watching those crazy tamil movies with their
howling, screaming, crying and generally pukable storyline and strange repetitive music that would knock the fucking sense out of
a sane person. What’s with that? Keep your garbage with yourself I don’t wanna pollute my head.


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