Saving the occasional youtube stream

Once in a while I like to save a youtube stream.
On linux I’ve noticed that streams are placed in /tmp with file names like Flash*.

Copying it would work. Using firefox add ons are serious stuff.

Wanted a one touch solution came up with this, bound the executable to the useless win key+s.
Works like a charm.

Gnome-notifications with pynotify is the icing

name=$(/usr/bin/zenity --entry --title="Name your Video"  \
--height=100 --width=300 --text="Please name your video ")
cp /tmp/Fla* ~/Videos/"$name"

if [[ $? -eq 0 ]]; then
STAT="\"File $name copied to ~/Videos/\""
STAT="\"Couldn't copy $name \" "

python <<STUFF
import pynotify

pynotify.init("Save Flash ")

msg = pynotify.Notification("SaveFlash", ${STAT}, "dialog-alert")


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