Markets in Bangalore

The other day I was walking the market in Madivala, what started as a interesting look into what normal people do turned out to be a very long walk.

The market stretches almost to a kilometer. Vegetables to coconuts to fish; it stretches to light hardware.
Have seen this place often while on a bus, never imagined it’ll be this large. Didn’t buy anything though.

Couple of years ago when I was in Blr, I was in the habit of roaming the city from end to end. Liked to see different places in the city. I used to buy a bus pass and take random buses and end up lost. I liked that.
That s when I happened to go to KR market, such a huge place, one could almost find anything one wants. So many people going about their business. I was thrilled to see such a large confluence of shops almost every shop looks looked like it had something to offer.

Then there was shivaji nagar. A strange mix of people and shops that was almost entirely run buy a moslem population, the stuff that they sell is almost no good. I spend an entire day looking around the shops.

What was amazing was the church over there. It was definitely out of place. My strange interest in architecture took me in. It was unusual to see some devotees were clearly moslem. It was good to see such things.

It is not unusual in my place to see people of different religions praying for people of the others. Just take a walk near the kandal bus stand where they have a mosque. Some days people who come out after their evening prayer will be praying for anyone who requests a prayer. And people of other religions are tolerant to others. It is gratifying to look at these things.

Coming back to the topic, room mates and I went to the so called sunday market near KR market. This place was glorified as a market where we could find electronic spares and some such by my new room mate. It was heavily crowded and there were a lot of selling and buying. Was quick to recognize that most of what they sell was junk. There were lot of hardware available and almost most of it was definitely pulled out from a garbage dump.

One thing that surprised me was the availability and range of mobile phones. Most of the ones that were in working condition was definitely stolen goods. Others were of dubious nature. There were a lot of electronics that were just good ones but lacks the sign of healthy workmanship.

There were even a bunch of Ubuntu CD’s of the 5.5 age that were just lying there. What a waste for canonical, who ship you a cd from Netherlands whenever you request one. I saw around a 100 wasted among the garbage that these people were selling.

There was a heavy dose of impatience with the sellers trying to sell a stolen stash of xbox, psp, audio systems and such things.
Most of the other things on sale were second hand clothes. A good thing for some people maybe.

Some shops were just selling junk, seriously who would want to buy a used torch battery?

This is one place that I’ll not be wasting my time again. My interest in markets in Bangalore ended yesterday.

The experiences in SP road is done in other posts.


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