Tata indicom wimax broadband on linux

The interface for tata indicom broadband is a bitch.

First you have to keep the modem on for a few minutes and let it dhcp an ip for you. Then you login to to the main page that does some javascript shite which lets you browse.

The problem for us users familiar with the plug and browse ppoe connection is that the login step is a unnecessary hurdle. ne
I pay so much money to get a decent connection only to find that it display a error with inactive connection because I forgot to terminate the session by clicking the logout button or I’ve just connected it to friend’s system without doing the formalities.

The page usually displays the customer center no. only to call them and answer 10 questions about my phone number to my wife’s middle name to get the lock released.

I’ve value my time so much that we pays heavenly rates for a connection only to find that I’m wasting so much time battling the system.

Some easy ways to get ip dhcp’d to you linux system is to use

sudo dhclient and wait for it.

When the odd inactive thing happens it s best to waste a few minutes turning off the modem and reissuing the command after sometime.


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