Not quite what we expect

More than once I have thought that this would be the worst situation I could ever be in; only to realise after a few months or years later that we’ve handled the situations well.
I’ve always believed that the only way to make things happen for you is to take action. This becomes difficult when the choices are made for you by others. And I’ve realised that once the choice has been made it becomes easier just to settle down and compromise. What you end up doing is not what you wish for yourself. The net result is a lack of control on what you do and ultimately a disenchanted self. You end up letting this happen to you; you chose the path of least resistance.

Irrespective of the choices made for you, you simply try to salvage the situation. If only you had the courage to follow up with what you like to achieve you could have made things happen.

Once you have let things happen you end up in a vicious cycle of things happening and trying to make the best of it. Instead if you could have followed your deep seated emotions you would never have had to compromise in the first place. It could have saved a lot of trouble to a lot of people including yourself.

There are uncertainties in most of the things that one does, but as long as one does the right things instead of focussing on just doing things right one can be free of the worries.

No matter what one does it boils down to the question: is this what you really want to do with yourself? One can find the person the under the skin only if one tries to contemplate this question.

Whatever one does the results are not quite what we expect. The only consolation is that you followed through with what you thought would make you a better self for you as well as others.


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