The implications of a simple class

Watching the series cosmos by recommendation of this guy

Takes me right back to the school days when Mr. Wilson in his grey beard proclaimed to us for the first time
the theory of a black hole and to other classes which followed where they taught us about mushroom rocks. And mitosis and primordial soup experiments.

Gosh, I miss those days. Only now could I fathom the depths of science that we were immersed
in, we thought those were just everyday classes what a mistake.

Who would have ever thought that programming a simple IBM machine could make such a difference to a generation of people. We had a passion to look under the microscope at onion peels. We had a passion to imagine things that had had happened aeons ago.

Only later did we find the implications of learning literature, history, geography, language, civics and economy …
The value added to us was far greater that what I ever imagined. Granted I know zilch about many of these things now but it has put us at the threshold to learn more. It has now become more than a mere nostalgia, it has become us.

We never learnt things for the sake of shiny metal plates and colored ribbons, sure we got those things, but the value instilled in us was for learning for a greater calling. Though the thought was religious in nature it holds steadfast in the storm of crap that we now face.

There are now only a humble number of people who have not grown up to shrug those qualities of enthusiasm and curiosity. It warms my heart to think of those times. We were a miserable bunch trying to grow up too fast.
Crushes and heartbreaks were abound. Bullying was the norm, attitude was the key, excellence was the result.

A few more years there could have done us good.
All this influenced by a bunch of people at Breeks who would in all probability may not recognize the value of the education they gave us.

I just can’t imagine what a few hundreds of such inspiring people could do to the world.


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